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Posted: 5th December 2022


Willem and a leadwood in South Africa.

We're everywhere this week. Willem and his naturalist friends had a very satisfactory outing at the Munnik Conservancy and brought us back a treasure trove of photographs to admire and learn from. Paigetheoracle walked on the beach, Tavaron trudged through the snow, and SashaQ wheeled among the waterbirds. I enjoyed the browsing deer from afar, so as not to startle them: you get a long-distance video. I got closer to the kittens. In short, there's a lot to look at.

There are many things to learn here, too. Paige shares some personal thoughts about Asperger's. He also shows you how to cover plants. FWR has a how-to on seasonal decorating, courtesy of Mrs FWR.

I try, yet again, to explain what kind of information is needed for photos. I rail against puns. Bluebottle demonstrates why the Editor is always complaining about puns. Paulh takes liberties with the Mother Goose canon. Awix reviews another cannibal movie. (We're beginning to worry.)

There are stories, ongoing, that will keep you intrigued and entertained. So will the cartoons, we hope. Terrible puns and all.

We wish a happy St Nicholas Day to all who celebrate. Tavaron's already facing Santa-scepticism at home: the kids want her to leave the room when the time comes, 'then we will see if Father Christmas really comes! Ha!' Auxiliary help from grandparents may be required here. We predict a glowing future for the child in question in the realm of investigative reporting.

Have a lovely week, friends, and remember: rain, snow, or sunshine, take time to look up, look around, and send us an email. We rely on you to help us see this planet in all her moods.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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A neighbourhood lit up for Christmas.

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Munnik Conservancy

Climbing Big Rock by Willem.



Deer in the Field

White-tailed deer by DG. Give me a break: it was late, the sun was almost down, they were to heck and gone over in the west forty, and if I moved any closer they'd hear it an run off.


Gardening Tip
Plant Covers by Paigetheoracle.
  • AI Surreal
  • This was supposed
    to be a rabbit, says Sasha.

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